Welcome to the procrastination station

Welcome to my new blog. 

I say new, I’ve actually had it for about 3 months and been absolutely useless at actually writing anything on here. 

Oh I’ve had a million ideas, but you see I have a bit of a problem with procrastination. There is always an excuse to not actually do it.  I’m too busy, too tired, not in the right frame of mind. But ultimately it is still procrastination. 

I am great at finding reasons not to do things. Like make my bed for example. I blame these guys. They are so cute when they are sleeping. I couldn’t possibly disturb them. 

procrastination station

I am also great at getting distracted.

For example, I spent two hours yesterday evening after watching the Ted Bundy thing with Zac Efron (while painting my nails – multitasking), in some sort of google black hole about serial killers. Did you know there was a Vampire of Barcelona that used to kill and eat children, she was captured on a street where I used to live. But the whole thing might have just been a cover up and misogyny in practice). 

Probably not the most efficient use of time. I could have been writing, or cleaning, or doing any number of other chores. But to be honest – I just don’t want to do chores. 

They are boring. If I died to tomorrow my last thought would not be ‘oh my god I forgot to clean the noodles out of the sink I left there 3 days ago’. 

The issue with this blog is that I some how categorised writing in my brain as a ‘chore’, forgetting that I actually enjoy it. A lot. It is therapeutic and shouting into the void means I don’t have unfortunate blow outs at other times (say at work when I could get fired, or with my friends and then be wracked with crippling guilt).

So now it is time to re categorise and start doing it. So I immediately googled ‘how to stop procrastinating’ and ended up at this brilliant blog, and then read the whole series – realising that I have actually been here before when a friend sent me the link a few months ago.

Aaaand we came full circle. Procrastinating again. So if you have made it this far, I hope you are looking forward to article number 2 in about 3 months time.

*After writing this post – it then took me two weeks to actually publish it.

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